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Alvin's Daughters LLC is the parent company of Agape Behavioral Center.

Alvin's Daughters LLC was formed by the seven daughters and eldest granddaughter of Alvin and Eleanor Lambey. Our parents raised us to be intelligent, caring, compassionate individuals but most of all they instilled in us an unusual, unconditional love for them and one another.
While we are close and have a bond with each other that cannot be broken, we also have a deep compassion and love for others. It is this love for others that led us to begin Agape Behavioral Center.   Not only did our parents instill in us a love for one another but they also instilled in us a love for education and for bettering ourselves. With this love of education we are proud to say that we all have or are working towards a college degree.
Our family comes from the beautiful country of Belize. We are of Garifuna descent and we are very proud of the women we have become. The background for our logo is the Garifuna flag and the heart in hands picture is explained by our motto "Where your heart is in our hands."
Alvin's Daughters, (we discussed the name with our mother and she didn't mind) was borne out of the deep love and honor we have for our parents who sacrificed themselves so we can be who we are today. 
With that being said, we would like to introduce ourselves to you:

Veronica Lambey: Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).  Bachelor of Arts in  Business Administration. Veronica has years of experience in Administration and has also worked in Behavioral Care.
Veronica is the eldest of the Alvin and Eleanor's seven daughters.
Ver is also the most patient of all the sisters.

Agatha Lambey: Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  She is the second of Alvin and Eleanor's Daughters. Agatha is an Assistant Pastor. She has worked in Behavioral Care as a Qualified Mental Health Assistant.
Agatha is the sister who keeps us all grounded.

Gillian Lambey: Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. Gillian has years of experience in Administration and is now working as a Case Worker. Jill is the third born daughter to Alvin and Eleanor.
Jill is the sister who is considered to be the "Diva".

Pamela Lambey: Chief Clinical Officer (CCO). Master of Arts in Social Work. Pamela has many years of  experience working as a Case Manager in the hospital. She is also a former professor.  Pam is the 4th born daughter to Alvin and Eleanor and the funniest of all the sisters.

Lynette Lambey: Chief Organizational Officer (COO). Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Lynette has experience as a Social Worker.  Lyn is the 5th born daughter of Alvin and Eleanor. Lyn is the most organized of all the sisters.

Lillette Lambey: Chief Compliance and Quality Officer (CCQO). Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Lillette is a Registered Nurse and is also a Case Manager .  Lill is the 6th born daughter of Alvin and Eleanor. She is the most generous of all the sisters.

LaDelle Lambey: Chief Information Officer (CIO). Master of Science in Psychology. LaDelle has experience  in Sales and Marketing as well as Management. LaDelle is the baby of the family the seventh and last daughter of Alvin and Eleanor Lambey. 

Jasmine Lambey: Program Director & Community Liaison. Working towards a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Jasmine has worked in different capacities and is now a Production Assistant for a lucrative company. Jasmine is the oldest daughter of Veronica and the oldest granddaughter of Alvin and Eleanor Lambey. Jasmine is our "honorary" sister.

Alvin and Eleanor Lambey: The head of Alvin's Daughters. Our parents are the glue that have held us together through good times and bad. Alvin is  our Executive Director, a permanent Deacon in the Catholic Church and a retired teacher. Eleanor is also a former teacher and a retired claims specialist. They are the reason that Alvin's Daughters has come to be and the reason we have chosen to leave this legacy for our future generations. We love them and hope to have made them proud. Our parents are the personification of AGAPE LOVE.